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NACO, Nova Amadeus Chamber Orchestra

287 66411 The Nova Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, inherits the rich story of successes of its founder Stefano Sovrani, whom in 2012 decided to give birth to a new artistic reality marked by the young age of its components.

During his long activity M° Sovrani was called to partecipate with his orchestra to International Piano Contests as Gran Prix Mozart of Losanna, F. Chopin of Roma, International Competition of the City of Senigallia and to International Lyric Contests as M. Caniglia of Sulmona, City of Colleferro, Mattia Battistini City of Roma and Mattia Battistini of Rieti.

He coordinated the “Lyric Contest Mattia Battistini” to the integral live recording of operas as “Attila”, “Simon Boccanegra”, “Macbeth” and “Giovanna d’Arco” of G. Verdi, “Il Maestro di Cappella” of D. Cimarosa, and performed live for RAI RADIOTRE, “Traviata” and “Aida” of G. Verdi, “Tosca” of G. Puccini.

He collaborated with Italian National television, RAI, to the realization and recording of movie and musical sound-tracks with the most well known composers. To mention is the experience of 2010 with the “I promessi Sposi”, directed by Michele Guardì and with musics written by Pippo Flora conducted by M° Renato Serio.

287 464Invited by Italian Consulats, Embassies and Cultural Instituts, the Nova Amadeus Chamber Orchestra has participated to international festivals and tours in Greece, Switzerland, Germany, France, Malta, Tunisia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, South Corea, Bangladesh, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Ireland, Denmark, United States, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Thailand and China. Among all are important to point out the concerts that took place during 1997 in Karachi and Islamabad in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Pakistan’s Republic, defined by critics as “...The best cultural event of the year...”

In 2001, in occasion of the Easter Festival he organized the monumental “Oratory La Vierge” by J. Massenet, with the extraordinary participation of the soprano Monserrat Caballé and conducted by M° José Collado.

The long list of collaboration of the Nova Amadeus Chamber Orchestra includes international artists such as: Rajna Kabajvanska287 63984, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Cecilia Gasdia, Roberto Malagnini, Eva Marton, Giorgio Merighi, Madelin R. Monti, Francesca Patanè, Roberto Servile, Giuseppe La Licata, Stefania Bonfadelli, Andrea Bocelli, Katia Ricciarelli...

Finally he recorded in world premiere the “Gustavo I° Re di Svezia” di Baldassarre Galuppi for the XXIII Cantiere della Musica of Montepulciano and performed, also in world premiere, the opera “L’Eroico Y Sun Sin” of Giuseppe Mazzucca and Nicola H. Samale and of the liric opera “J.S.A.” of Michele Biki Panitti.


2021  NACO - Nova Amadeus Chamber Orchestra - Direttore Artistico M° Stefano Sovrani